C&W was appointed as a Sole Exclusive Marketing Consultant for Alamanda Tower

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The Challenge

Developer of Alamanda Tower (PT Karyadeka Graha Lestari) by late 2010 has talked to several different property consultants regarding their plan for Alamanda Tower. Their goal was to award the first property consultant who succeeds to bring the first secured Tenant/Buyer to the building with the “Sole Exclusive Marketing”.

The Solution

Step 1: Indentify Offices Department client database who has a preferences and requirements in the South of Jakarta region (Jl. TB Simatupang)
Step 2: Conduct an extensive one-on-one presentations with future prospective buyers about the project, along with the owner representative.
Step 3: Successfully secured the first buyer (Erlangga Group) to buy 1 full floor at Alamanda Tower for their investment.

The Results

After the first buyer secured their intention to buy 1 full floor at Alamanda Tower (in July 2011), C&W was awarded “Sole Exclusive Marketing Consultant” for the project. By less than 18 months of Sole Exclusive appointment, C&W has successfully secured 88 % of pre-commitment to the building. And by March 2013, the building has approximately 95 % occupancy level. Furthermore, by September 2012 (upon the building practical completion) the developer also appointed C&W Property & Facilities Management Department to be the Property Management of the building.


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